PM Training

Leadership and PM Training

This whole day workshop will build delegates’ leadership competencies to deliver business success in the current highly uncertain and chaotic EPC environment. Real-world evidence for needed competencies will be presented, with an open exploration of how these competencies can be manifested in delegates’ day-to-day working environments. People will leave the workshop with new insights, and – critically – having begun a journey to develop competencies that will make them stand out as leaders in the current chaotic EPC sector.

PM Training:

25th September, 2020


  • Aims & objectives
  • The days agenda

Leadership challenges in the EPC industry – and solutions

  • Overview of industry challenges for leadership: severe CAPEX constraint, radical competitive drivers, and massive complexity
  • Industry-side thinking on solutions

Identified critical leadership competencies

  • Competencies needed to deliver business results in an uncertain and chaotic environment

Case study:

major organisational transformation in the middle of oil price chaos

  • Review case study
  • Group work to identify lessons & improvements to actual solution

Becoming a resilient leader

  • Courage to confront painful realities
  • Faith that there will be a solution
  • Tenacity to carry on despite a situation that seems hopeless. Working together to develop personal leadership competencies
  • Working with peers to develop personal leadership competencies Closing thoughts
  • Executive business leaders and executive project leaders: business critical connections